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Together We Care desires to be the bridge between community organizations and the disability community. We want people with disabilities to be afforded the same opportunities as their peers. We work with businesses, faith communities, sports teams, private schools, counseling centers, and other organizations to help equip them to create a more inclusive world for people with disabilities. We offer inclusion training for staff members, can help you onboard employees with disabilities, or help you brainstorm ways to be more welcoming to customers who have disabilities. Let's work together to make sure that people with disabilities are welcomed and provided with appropriate accommodations wherever they go.



Together We Care is your personal advocate service! We are here to help fight for what you need. Whether you need someone to make sure your child is receiving a Free and Appropriate Education or you need Social Security funding, we can assist you.  We also encourage our community to be actively engaged in opportunities to be involved in policy changes that benefit the disability community. If you are having difficulty obtaining services, please contact us and let us partner with you.



Together We Care has a large network of people and organizations with whom we are connected. You may be a parent looking for resources for your child. We can help you find the right church youth group, recreational support, school supports, medical and therapy services, or social groups. If you are an employer looking for ways to become more inclusive to people with disabilities, we partner with several organizations that offer free or low-cost training. If you are an adult with a disability in need of financial resources, navigating post-secondary education, finding independent housing, or supported employment, we can personally help you with these services or guide you to other organizations that specialize in these services. 



Our overarching mission is to empower people with disabilities to become who they were created to be. We all need a little help from time to time. Whatever your life goals are, we are here to help you achieve them. Browse our website or contact us to let us know how we can partner with you today!

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