One of our goals at Together We Care is to foster independence in young adults. We recognize that reliable transportation offers a higher level of independence.

Therefore, we are partnering with Nathan's Driving School to sponsor specialized driving lessons for 3 young adults in Metro-Atlanta. 

Providing them with the ability to drive will open doors of opportunity for employment, post-secondary education, volunteer opportunities, and social gatherings. 

Click the 'DONATE' button to assist us in making this aspiration a reality for these individuals.  

Sponsor Specialized Driving Lessons

We are partnering with Nathan's Driving School to raise funds for 3 young adults to receive specialized driving lessons.  

GOAL: $2,500

 We are excited to be partnering with Chambliss & Fawcett to provide attorney services for assistance in obtaining guardianship.


Diana, a single mom, contacted us originally seeking summer camp resources for her 17-year-old son. After hearing her story, we discovered that Diana was in need of much more than camp funding.


During our conversation with Diana, we determined that she needed assistance with applying for camp funds, respite care, and respite care funding. We were also able to advise her on guardianship, transition after high school, and information on obtaining a Medicaid waiver. 


We are seeking donations to help Diana pay for legal counsel and court fees to ensure her son's safety.


Click the 'DONATE' button to assist us in promising a good future for Diana's son as he embarks on his 18th birthday.

Support Guardianship Funding

We are partnering with Chambliss + Fawcett to raise funds for a single mom to obtain guardianship for her son.

GOAL: $3,200